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Fall in Love…with twenty romance heroes! Discover twenty “first in series” love stories. Second chances, friends to lovers, secret loves, rock stars, bad boys, men in uniform and more.




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The New Adult Best Seller

that started it all…

Book One

Love definitely wasn’t on the setlist.


Top 100 International Bestseller

New Adult Romance Top 5 BESTSELLER

Book 1.5


Loving in fast forward… 

Harper and Deacon don’t know any other speed.


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Book Two

He’s always saved her.

Now she’s going to return the favor.



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Falling in love was easy…figuring out the rhythm of being a couple, not so much.

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Only one woman has ever refused him…

and she’s the only one he wants.



Lost in Oblivion - Novella

Untwisted Book 2.5

Falling in love was easy…

Figuring out the rhythm of being a couple, not so much.


Now that they’ve pressed play, life is going way too fast for Gray Duffy and Jazz Edwards. A super hot video has boosted their band Oblivion’s popularity even higher, and suddenly Gray and Jazz are the reigning prince and princess of rock. But as their private wedding ceremony in their most special place approaches, they realize they can’t go forward without facing their roots.

With new family members coming into the mix and old unresolved dramas coming to a head, one thing is for sure—the harder they rock, the bigger the drop.


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Where it all started…

An INTRODUCTION to the NA rock star series Lost In Oblivion.

Warning: get ready for a testosterone overload. The guys are in the driver’s seat in Seduced – and the ride’s gonna rock.

Twenty-three year old Nick Crandall has one focus in his life: Oblivion, the band he formed with his best friend Simon Kagan. With gigs coming up and the band members lacking focus after losing their drummer to rehab, they’re out of ideas. Until Oblivion’s bassist, Deacon McCoy, poses a surprising suggestion.

Bring in someone new. Two someones.

One You Tube video gone viral later, Oblivion is poised on the brink of stardom. With their new hot drummer chick — who comes in a package deal with a talented guitarist who happens to be head over pick in unrequited love with her – it seems like everything’s falling into place. Or will the band Nick and Simon have fought to keep together disintegrate before their eyes?

Four guys & one woman + more success than they ever bargained for = trouble, of the sexiest kind.

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Get Seduced by this novel-length introduction to the band Oblivion.

This preview occurs before the four forthcoming books about each of the band members.

Reader Advisory: Seduced is an upper-level NA romance appropriate for mature audiences over 18 due to graphic sex and drug references.

Lost in Oblivion

Sometimes getting lost means finding yourself…